Bruntsfield Centre (P4-7)

Skool Is Out at Bruntsfield Centre is registered for 75 children in the building at any one time.  The venue has a large upstairs hall ideal for indoor sports such as football, tennis, volleyball and badminton.  We have space for art activities and quieter activities, as well as a prominent wall space for displays.  The club has a range of board games, table football, snooker and computer consoles and modern kitchen facilities are perfect for basic cooking and baking activities.  ‘Room 2’ downstairs a cosy room for socialising, reading and playing console games and also provides access to our fantastic outdoor space.  The outdoor area constitutes a walled-in garden with picnic tables and an astro-turf area for ball games including football and basketball. The venue has undergone a significant refurbishment and now boasts new kitchen and toilet facilities throughout. ‘Room 3’ provides an additional room for us to access that us comfortable sofas and a great place for children to “chill out”, while ‘Room 1’ can be used for art & craft workshops.Bruntsfield-club-outdoors

We offer our primary 4-7 children a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment where they can socialise with friends  and other children from several schools within the local community.  On a Friday, as there are fewer children attending the service as a whole, all children are based down at Barclay Viewforth Centre where the primary 4-7 children have the opportunity to integrate with our younger p1-3 children, allowing siblings to play together and giving opportunities for the older children to assist the staff team in helping play and supporting the younger children attending.

The staff engage with the children to offer a range of stimulating, structured and planned activities including art, physical games and various challenges.  We also allow children plenty of free play time to relax in whatever way they choose. The staff plan regular outings to places of interest, museums, local parks and swimming pools.  A large part of our ethos for the p4-7 club is to help children in the transition to high school; we aim to help children build friendships to help facilitate a smooth transition.