Child Protection

Skool Is Out has a Child Protection Policy which is available to view within our policies and procedures at our venues or can be viewed on our website.

The Manager of Skool Is Out is the Child Protection officer for Skool Is Out Ltd and the Play Coordinator for our P5-7 venue is the acting Child Protection officer in the absence of the Manager.


All staff employed by Skool Is Out Ltd will receive annual Child Protection Training carried out by the Child Law Centre (Edinburgh) and in house staff training on child protection for all new staff who join our company.  Child Protection will be discussed at regular staff meetings to ensure that all staff are familiar with our Child Protection policies and procedures.


In accordance with Child Protection guidelines, Skool Is Out staff will give comfort to your child or children if they are distressed or may have to lift your child if they have fallen over or have been injured in any way that might make walking painful. Comfort might take the form of a child wanting a hug from one of the staff; holding a hand; an arm outstretched to reassure a child. Skool Is Out staff will not give a child a hug if they do not want it. Skool Is Out staff will discourage children from sitting on their knees and bring a chair close so the child can still be near them.

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